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Reef Fish Fingers Jar

Reef Fish Fingers Jar

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These delicious healthy treats are made with premium line caught seasonal reef fish from the pristine reef off Noosa, blended with local fresh & steamed broccoli and pumpkin. The smell & taste is irresistible and when empty, your pooch will drool for more.


The Catch Of The Day Reef Fish Fingers are beautifully packaged in a glass jar with bamboo lid and comes in 120g & 200g. Check out our refill bags.


Droolers Delight seafood is WILD. SUSTAINABLE. ORGANIC.  Containing all of the amino acids your dog needs for optimal health, making it a complete protein. They help your dog’s organs, muscles, digestive system, and immune system function properly. 


Skin and coat health

A diet rich in omega-3s helps restore shine and softness to your pet’s coat. It also reduces skin inflammation. These fatty acids, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, calm undesirable reactions, such as allergy-related itching.


Joint health

Hip and joint problems are more common in large or senior dogs, and seafood is their allies. The fatty acids help reduce pain caused by inflamed joints. Additionally, the calcium and phosphorus supports your dog’s skeletal system.


Eye health

The omega-3 fatty acid DHA found in fish plays a role in the quality of your dog’s vision. An adequate intake of DHA supports and protects retinal health. It also reduces the risk of eye disease.


Heart health

Another essential nutrient found in fish is coenzyme Q10. This powerful antioxidant supports cellular energy necessary for cardiovascular health, carbohydrate metabolism, oxygen utilisation, liver detoxification, and blood sugar control. As dogs get older, they experience a decrease in CoQ10 production. Fish helps compensate for the loss of this essential nutrient.



DHA fatty acids help refine learning abilities, memory, eye function, and motor skills in puppies. DHA is instrumental to a puppy’s development, and it will help puppies reach their full potential. Coenzyme Q10 is excellent for neurological development too.



70% Seasonal Reef Fish mince (line caught off Noosa reef, wild, sustainable & organic)

15% Pumpkin (steamed)

15% Broccoli (lightly steamed)



No Nasties:

x Preservatives

x Salt

x Sugar

x Colours

x Chemicals used in processing

Grain free


Perfect for all dogs (including puppies & small dogs), training (easy to break into small pieces).


Local Australian produce 

Australian made, packed and owned



Cut the strips into small pieces if you have a small dog or cat. It’s recommended to incorporate fish gradually into your pet’s diet. Start by offering a small piece and if all goes well, increase the quantity. We always recommend that you consult a veterinarian before serving them this food if you are not sure about your dog's alergies or health issues.


Not intended for meal replacement. Always supervise during consumption and provide fresh water.



Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Seal after use to preserve freshness.

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